These entities pay me in some fashion

Since I may occasionally tweet about these companies, you should know that I have a financial interest in each of them in some form or another. That said, I usually tweet out of irrational exuberance rather than rational self-interest.

Arrakis Therapeutics

This is my primary day job — I am CEO. They pay me a salary and I hold shares. Arrakis is unlocking vast domains of previously undruggable biology for millions of patients by rearchitecting the small-molecule drug discovery toolkit to discover RNA-targeted small molecules (rSMs).

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Obsidian Therapeutics

I used to be CEO; now I’m merely an ornery Board member. That means I’m a significant shareholder. I also receive a cash stipend for my board service. Obsidian is using its cytoDRIVE™ platform to engineer precision-controlled gene and cell therapies.

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Scholar Rock (NASDAQ:SRRK)

I am on the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board and receive a cash stipend and hold equity — all of which you can see in their public disclosures. Scholar Rock uses precise structural insights and sophisticated assays to develop antibody drugs that target potent growth and differentiation factors. Its current clinical programs include SRK-015, which blocks the activation of myostatin and is being tested in patients with spinal muscular atrophy, and SRK-181, which targets TGFβ1 for cancer immunotherapy.

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Novartis Venture Fund

I am on the Board of Directors and receive a cash stipend for my service. The fund invests in innovative therapeutics and platform companies.

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I am a paid member of the Scientific Advisory Board of this impressive Israeli biotech accelerator and incubator. I hold equity in some of their newcos. FutuRx is funded by Johnson & Johnson Innovation — JJDC, Takeda Ventures, and Orbimed Israel Partners and further supported by the Israeli government.

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Synlogic (NASDAQ:SYBX)

I have no active role here, but I hold equity from some advising I did in the company’s early days. Synlogic is using synthetic biology to develop living therapeutics to treat disease in new ways.

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